Tips on preparing your house to sell

Gaucin Property
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​​​​​Get Your Home Ready: Once you decide to sell your home you need to get others to see it as their potential home, not yours.  It is advisable to “de-personalize” your house as much as possible

Remove clutter: Over years of living in the same house your clutter accumulates. Take a step back and have a clear out, it will appear to be more spacious and less personalised

Painting-Ceilings-Walls: Check the ceilings and wall for water stains or marks you just may not have noticed. Painting can be the best investment when selling your home. Strong colours are a very personal choice so it is better to choose neutral colours which makes rooms look larger and brighter

Plumbing and Fixtures: Your sink fixtures should look shiny and check for stains or cracks on the porcelain

Floors: Repair or replace broken floor tiles, but do not spend a lot of money on anything. Your goal is simply to have as few negative impressions upon those who view your property

Windows and Doors: Check for cracked or broken windowpanes or that doors open and close properly and that doorknobs turn easily. You want to create a positive impression

House Exterior: Keep your plants and pots tidy and terraces and pool bright and clean

Energy Certificate: Prior to marketing your property by law you are required to have obtained an energy performance certificate (EPC) - El certificado de eficiencia energética - we can assist you with this or recommend a qualified técnico certificador to do it for you.  It  lasts 10 years and you cannot sell your house without one

Price: Pricing at a current market price is more likely to attract buyers.  If you price your house too high, even if you do find a buyer at an above market price your buyer will often need a mortgage. The mortgage lender requires an appraisal and if comparable sales for the last six months and current market conditions do not support your sales price, the mortgage will not be approved. Your deal falls apart and your house could go back on the market

Before Viewing: Before photographing by the agent do have a tidy up to remove the every day items such as washing, tea towels, clothes, toys, dishes, plastic bottles etc - make the beds look neat and tidy - fold the towels in the bathrooms – straighten sofas/throw/cushions all these details assist in the showcasing of your property.  Also do this before a viewing by a prospective purchaser

Odour control: For those who smoke or have pets you could light a candle or purchase a spray that helps to remove odours and not mask them

Potential Buyers Arrive: When potential buyers arrive the prospective buyer needs to be able to experience it as his home and express his thoughts freely. The agent will show the particular characteristics the client has shown interest in and these might be different from what you think of as the pluses of the property. For a first viewing this is essential, therefore we advise the owners to make themselves scarce during the viewing 

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